Irene Adorni lives and works in Bologna. She investigates the relationship of bodies in space, placing at the center of analysis the movement rather than the positioning of the body itself, the presence of overlapping potentialities in the moment of encounter and the overcoming of the dualistic body-consciousness conception thanks to the concept of incorporeality. Recent exhibitions in which she has exhibited include: Nel paese delle ultime cose, curated by Caterina Taurelli Salimbeni, Manifattura Tabacchi (2022, Florence, IT); Abecedario d'artista, curated by Gaer in collaboration with Toro at Palazzo del Governatore (2021, Parma, IT); Hole, Temporary art peep show, curated by Adiacenze and Tatanka in collaboration with Andrea Tinterri, Adiacenze (2021, Bologna, IT); Hold On, group show curated by Trans-curatorial, The Koppel Project (2020, London, UK). She was included in Exibart's publication 222 emerging artists to invest in 2021, edited by Cesare Biasini Selvaggi and Silvia Conta. She founded the artist-run space Parsec in Bologna.